Anita's Bio:

Anita is a graduate of North Carolina College of Theology with a Doctors of Biblical Counceling degree.  She is currently a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.  Author of "Help Lord I Ant gonna Make it".  She takes a Comical and Biblical approach to life's difficulties after Her own experiences.

Currently traveling full time as a Missionary and in Evangalism with husband Kenny.  Guest speaking with "Encouraging Today's Women", "Old Gospel Ship Cruises", television, radio, and special events.

China 2010 and 2011

May 2011 trip:  Over 110 one on one Salvations & unknown number for all services and 1100 Bibles given

October 2010 trip: Over 1000 Bibles given and dozens of Salvations

Our Miracle

On 9-5-2011 our youngest son Corwin had an auto accident on Labor Day morning.  He turned 21 on that Sunday and just a few short hours later His life changed.  He lost control of the vehicle in the rain and hit an entrance to a subdivision.  This sent us on a journey that was very difficult, but so rewarding to just see what God has done in the middle of our storm.  Corwin broke his C2 and displaced His head 6mm off his spine.  He compressed the C2 when it broke with a Vertical and Horizontal break to this Vertebra.  He also crushed his main artery when his neck broke causing damage to the left side of his head.  The impact bruised his right Kidney causing damage that resulted in Kidney stones during recovery.  We started this journey with 6 days in ICU and surgery to repair the complete break to his neck.  God has been SO faitful to us during this process.  We had a team of Neurosurgeons to tell us that most people never live to have the surgery that they performed on Corwin.  What Prayer and the Hand of God can do.  I am so thankful that I can say He has no major brain damage and He can walk and talk.  What a MIRACLE !!!!!  As we are still recovering and as He live His life with daily reminders of what God has done for Him we can only say Thank You Lord for the Kindness that you have showed to us.  God is a Miracle worker, He is our Healer, our Provider, our Way Maker, and our soon coming King.  We watched God give Corwin Life again ( a second chance ) 21 years to the day that he first Blessed the world with Him.  What a Miracle.....  We can never forget what God has done for us.  We Love and Thank Him for His Mercy and Grace that He has for His children.  Always know that God answers prayer and PRAISE GOD! for answering ours.

Corwin several months into His recovery